Microsoft launches Trove, an app for users to submit photos to AI projects

Artificial intelligence is currently one of the hottest topics on the global Internet. AI is indeed a direction for the development of all humanity. Many well-known tech tycoons require humans to develop artificial intelligence cautiously, but the mainstream Internet is still actively carrying out various artificial intelligence-related projects.

However, although artificial intelligence is good, many developers and researchers have encountered the problem of insufficient photos for training computer vision models. Although they often seek the public to provide photos in various ways, many people need for the project. The parameters of the photos and the content of the photos are not known, so a large number of photos collected by researchers and developers are “scrap films” that do not meet the needs of the project.

Image: Microsoft

At present, Trove, a mobile application launched by Microsoft Garage, has tried its best to solve this problem. “Trove is a marketplace app that allows people to contribute photos to AI projects that developers can then use to train machine learning models.”

Users can choose the project they want to submit, and understand the research purpose of the project and the photo content and parameters needed, as well as communicate directly with the project developer to obtain feedback information on the submitted photo to get gifts.

Developers and researchers of artificial intelligence projects can publish information about photos of their own projects on the platform, and set up activities to stimulate the passion of photo contributors to submit photos.

Key features include

Contributors can submit existing photos or actively take new ones for a chance to win a sweepstakes. Request an invite to try it out

  • View AI projects that need photos
  • Learn about the purpose of the project and the desired parameters for photo submissions
  • Contribute relevant photos to projects you like
  • Communicate directly with developers to ask questions or receive feedback
  • Review project owners and contribute to a people first community
  • Earn sweepstakes entries by contributing and referring other contributors

Developers can request photos by listing AI projects in the app. Request an invite to add a project

  • Get relevant photos for your AI projects
  • Generate enthusiasm for your project by explaining the greater purpose of your model and offering a sweepstakes for participation
  • Provide feedback directly to contributors to help them re-align their submitted photos to meet your project’s parameters
  • Review and thank contributors