Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Microsoft launches Fluid Framework Developer Preview

1 min read

Microsoft has already mentioned Fluid framework services at previous developer conferences, which is a business service that Microsoft provides for enterprise users to break the software barrier. The current public preview is divided into public preview services for end-users, and Microsoft also provides developers with privatized previews for development testing.

Microsoft Fluid Framework, a new technology and set of experiences that we will make collaboration seamless across the canvases by breaking down the barriers between apps.

The highlight of the Fluid Framework service is that you can split any content of any document and then extract the parts you need and freely combine them. For example, the description contained in the document file can be extracted and combined with a slide or a table to become a new document type and then shared with others for collaboration. The point is that new document types can be embedded in any document, for example, directly to others in Office documents, OneNote, Teams, and more. And there is no need to download the app separately to browse or even edit directly in other applications, so it is a very efficient tool for companies with a large staff.

Interested business users can click here to preview, only support the school or work account to participate in the test, the personal account does not support testing. Developers can click here to learn more about development details and participate in private testing in the Microsoft forums.