Microsoft launched the Surface Duo running Android

Microsoft finally announced the launch of the Surface Duo mobile device running Android, which also has two screens to increase productivity. Compared with the current trend, Microsoft does not pay attention to the camera. The positioning around Surface Duo Microsoft is to focus on productivity and efficiency. Although the specific camera and pixels of the device have not been disclosed, even Microsoft is not ready to position the Surface Duo as a smartphone.

The current Microsoft has revealed that the Surface Duo device is equipped with Android and supports the full Google service suite with two 5.6-inch displays. With two screens fully expanded, the display can be up to 8.3 inches in size, and the 360° hinge design allows the user to use the device in a variety of modes and configurations. This device is still temporarily used with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor, after all, the competitiveness of this processor will definitely decline when it is launched next year.

However, this device is also in the preview stage, so it is not yet ready for release. Microsoft said that it will adjust and modify the design for the product. Although Microsoft emphasizes focusing on productivity rather than entertainment, Microsoft has also revealed that it is possible to make design changes to the area around the camera.