Microsoft is recruiting engineers in India to develop voice interaction and control for Windows 10X

So far, Microsoft is still developing a customized version of Windows 10X for foldable devices. According to previous news, the development of this version has not yet been completed.

Intel originally planned to show a prototype of the company’s foldable device at the beginning of the year, but Intel also delayed showing the device due to Microsoft development delays.

Although Lenovo has launched similar devices, it is equipped with Windows 10 Professional. Lenovo said that it will help users to migrate after the X version is developed.

Interestingly, Microsoft’s job posting on LinkedIn shows that the company will also provide complete and rich voice interaction and control features for Windows 10X.

Image: Microsoft

For the time being, Windows 10 has built-in voice control functions, but it is a bit of a mess, and Microsoft Cortana does not provide control functions although the Cortana desktop version has not died.

But voice interaction and control have clearly become the choice of most operating systems. For example, Apple previously provided Siri in macOS for voice interaction.

It looks like Microsoft is also ready to develop completed and rich voice interaction and control functions. The company is currently recruiting engineering teams in Telangana, South India.

In the recruitment information, Microsoft said that the main job of engineers is to use cognitive services for voice commands and control, identify elements and interact with the entire desktop.

Microsoft calls it a new way to interact with and control voice with Windows 10, while also ensuring adequate security and integrity.

According to Microsoft recruitment information, this is a new feature the company prepared for Windows 10X, which means that the feature has not been developed.

So we will definitely not be able to use this feature in this version for a short time. According to previous news, Microsoft expects to launch the Windows 10X version in the second half of this year.

While Windows 10X is for foldable and dual-screen devices, ordinary devices such as laptops and desktops can also be installed.

So interested users can still look forward to these features, and in the second half of the year, if the official version is released, you can install and experience different user interfaces.

Via: windowslatest