September 30, 2020

Microsoft is developing a new wireless display adapter for Windows 10

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The wireless display adapter refers to the ability to project images to unsupported devices such as non-smart TVs. In fact, it is more like a wireless display adapter tool.

For example, the wireless display adapter developed by Microsoft before can project the Windows 10 screen to any monitor that supports the interface through HDMI and other interfaces.

This uses the Miracast function provided by Microsoft in Windows 10, which is usually very convenient for enterprise users to perform fast projection.

Of course, this is not limited to supporting Windows 10 system. In fact, most Android versions can support and perform remote screen projection as long as they are not particularly old.

According to a leaker on Twitter, Microsoft is currently developing a new version of the wireless display adapter. After all, Microsoft’s last wireless display adapter was the 2016 version.

Thanks to the cooperation between Microsoft and Samsung, the new wireless display adapter will even support the wireless Dex mode of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20.

Users can also easily project content to non-smart TVs or other types of screens. The leaker did not disclose the release time of the new version.

In terms of price, it was revealed in advance that it is about $70.

Via: mspoweruser