September 30, 2020

Microsoft Edge adds QR Code for sharing images

1 min read

The QR code sharing function is a new feature introduced by Google Chrome earlier, designed to quickly generate a QR code on the desktop browser to facilitate scanning and reading.

This feature has now also been accepted by Microsoft, so Microsoft provides this feature in the beta, but it is currently only in the Canary channel for early testing.

After the user opens this function, open any page and click on the address bar to see a QR code logo on the right. Click to generate a QR code for the current page.

Users can directly copy the QR code and send it to others, or directly use their mobile phone to scan the code, which is very convenient for both sharing and reading.

In the Microsoft Edge, you paste in the address bar: edge://flags/#sharing-qr-code-generator and then change the Default option to Enabled option and restart.

Via: mspoweruser