Microsoft is adding more health-related new features to the new Windows 11 Task Manager

In previous revelations from Twitter users, we already know that Microsoft is adding energy-saving and device recycling-related functions or helpful tips to the Windows 11 system. There’s also the ability to add dynamic stickers to the desktop background in an unknown version, and more, but there are many more new features that are being discovered from the Windows 11 Developer Edition. For example, the new version of the task manager is getting new health-related features, covering application health, battery health, and application startup.

At present, the new version of the task manager has not been released publicly. In the previous version of the Windows 11 development version, you need to use the ViveTool tool to modify the system to see it. In Windows 11 Dev Build 22543, new features appeared in the Task Manager. Microsoft still did not publicly mention these changes but was discovered by users.

From the screenshots, the newly added application health function will automatically detect whether all installed applications need to be optimized, that is, optimization to improve application performance, etc.

The description of the new battery health function is to help the battery optimize the lifespan, which may be related to charging, such as preventing the battery from being fully charged to improve the lifespan, etc. These new features may have a little practical value for some users, and I wonder if Microsoft will provide more useful new features in the future.