Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Microsoft introduces Skype update for Windows 10 with new features

1 min read

Microsoft released UWP Skype update, for the application to bring a new design. Today, the company introduced some of the new features included in the update. The first is the appearance, it is quite surprising that, UWP Skype design looks like iOS and Android version is very different. The design allows users to make phone calls and conversations faster; users can also start conversations, view profiles and access dial keys from recent conversations.


Another improvement is Skype integration of the Share UI, users can directly to photos, videos, and other files to share to other service platforms.


The last new feature is iOS and Android version of the existing message response when the user clicks the response button can choose to laugh, cry, expression of love or shock and other expressions.


Now, users can download the Skype for Windows 10 update on the Windows Store.