Microsoft introduces a new Copilot key for Windows 11 PCs

Microsoft has announced the addition of a Copilot key, specifically designed for artificial intelligence (AI) assistants on Windows PC keyboards. This signifies a pivotal shift for Windows in the new year, steering towards a more intelligent future. AI will be seamlessly integrated into every aspect, from hardware to software, forging a true AI-driven PC experience. Starting this spring, PC manufacturers are expected to widely adopt this innovative design.

Microsoft has earmarked 2024 as the inaugural year of the “AI PC Era,” where artificial intelligence is seen as a core component of devices. Therefore, the introduction of the Copilot key, possibly replacing the standard layout’s Menu or Office key, may also be integrated into shortcuts with other keys in the future. Microsoft is actively pushing Copilot into Windows 11 and Edge, by adding a dedicated physical button, making AI feel as integral as a native feature, rather than an add-on.

While this change may seem minor, it heralds a profound transformation in the PC realm. Pressing the Copilot key will summon the AI assistant Copilot within the Windows operating system, aiding in tasks such as drawing, composing emails, and summarizing texts. Microsoft aspires to integrate AI seamlessly into daily use, positioning it as a gateway for PCs to enter the world of artificial intelligence.

This year, Microsoft will introduce new Surface devices, and Windows 11 PCs featuring the Copilot key are set to meet consumers. The upcoming CES 2024 is expected to showcase related product designs from other PC manufacturers. If Copilot is not yet available in a user’s region, the new key’s function will default to launching Windows Search.