Sun. Sep 20th, 2020

Microsoft introduced the new version of LinkedIn for Windows 10 PC

1 min read

Microsoft has announced the launch of the new LinkedIn application for Windows 10 PC. The new desktop application provides users with a richer, more engaging and connected LinkedIn experience, but this update does not have a Windows Phone version so that Windows Phone can not connect to the Microsoft professional network platform.

Microsoft said today that the Windows 10 PC version of the LinkedIn application makes it easier to connect to the opportunity, work smarter, and give users professional potential. This desktop application does provide native support for Windows 10, including the ability to fix Live Tile to the Start menu.

More useful is that the application also integrates its notifications into the Windows 10 Mobile Center, which includes displaying new messages, who viewed the user’s profile, the user industry trend news, and other real-time highlights on the user’s professional network. Users will be able to control which notifications are shown in the Action Center.

Unfortunately, last week Microsoft began sending e-mails to Windows Phone users to inform them that Microsoft will have Windows Phone version of LinkedIn at the end of August, and Microsoft recommends that they visit LinkedIn through a browser on the device.