Microsoft has not locked the Bootloader of Surface Duo

Microsoft’s first dual-screen Android device, the Surface Duo, is currently accepting reservations. The 128GB version is priced at $1,399 and will be officially shipped on September 10.

Although we knew the detailed configuration information of the Surface Duo before the specific product details were disclosed, we did not know the system itself very well.

Therefore, as the delivery date approaches, we can finally see more detailed information about Surface Duo. At present, there is news from the XDA forum that Microsoft has not encrypted the Bootloader of Surface Duo.

Surface Duo price

This is indeed good news, because if the Bootloader of an Android device is not encrypted, then third-party Android developers can freely create a ROM for it, and then run it on the Surface Duo. In other words, the user can freely flash the device.

Since the Bootloader is not encrypted, developers can also implement in-depth modifications to the system at the software level.

In addition, even if Microsoft cuts down the Surface Duo project in the future, or directly does not provide feature updates and only provides security updates, the enthusiastic open source community is bound to take over the device directly, so the risk of buying Surface Duo is now much smaller. This can also be said to be a good sales strategy.