Microsoft has begun to rename Windows Defender to Microsoft Defender

Windows Defender software is cross-platform antivirus software, the anti-virus software can also be installed on Apple’s macOS system.

That’s why this software name can no longer satisfy Microsoft’s layout. Microsoft has quietly used the software name Microsoft Defender.

In the new round of Microsoft’s name change, Office 365 will become Microsoft 365, and Windows Defender will also become the beginning of the Microsoft brand.

At present, in the Windows 10 Version 2004 version that has not been officially released, Microsoft has begun to rename some software and uses Microsoft as its name.

And the built-in anti-virus software Windows Defender has also started to update, and this anti-virus software will be renamed Microsoft Defender.

It is expected that after the official version is released, Microsoft will also push to the old version through software updates, completely erasing the name Windows Defender from the system.

Via: windowslatest