October 24, 2020

Microsoft finds the cause of the Blue Screen of Death on Lenovo ThinkPad

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The Windows 10 cumulative update released by Microsoft last month (KB4568831) caused the blue screen of death on Lenovo ThinkPad on a large scale, and then Lenovo said that the cumulative update caused a compatibility failure.

The solution recommended by Lenovo is to uninstall the latest cumulative update directly. Of course, you can also disable enhanced biometric security to solve the problem if you want.

Enhanced biometric security is a security feature provided by Lenovo in the BIOS. This feature is enabled by default, so after installing an update, it will cause a blue screen of death.

Of course, this is not a Lenovo problem. After all, this feature has been provided for a long time, but the cumulative update of Windows 10 v2004 released by Microsoft has problems causing incompatibility.

Windows 10 blue screen of death

The system will prompt SYSTEM_THREAD_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED or 0xc0000005 access denied error after the blue screen of death appears.

The file related to the error is ldiagio.sys. After investigation, Microsoft admitted that the company has restricted access to certain security configurations in the latest cumulative update.

Microsoft said that it has restricted how processes can access the device configuration space of the peripheral component interconnection under certain conditions. This improvement is merged into the cumulative update.

The Lenovo Vantage software will use the currently unsupported method to access the device configuration space, and it will cause a blue screen of death when running in this way.

It is unclear whether these problems are Lenovo’s or Microsoft’s. It stands to reason that if Microsoft adjusts the security configuration, it should publish a document to notify the manufacturer in advance.

Lenovo has suggested in its support document last month that users either uninstall the latest cumulative update or turn off enhanced biometric security to solve the blue screen of death problem.

For users, the only two options that can be selected are actually, and the simpler method of operation in these two is to directly uninstall the latest installed cumulative update.

Microsoft stated in the document that Lenovo’s recommendations are unsafe, because uninstalling the latest cumulative update may affect the overall security of Windows 10.

But has Microsoft fixed this problem now? No, the company said it is working with the manufacturer to solve the problem, and there is no timetable for when it will be fixed. At present, users can only solve the problem through the solution provided by Lenovo.

Via: bleepingcomputer