Microsoft emphasizes that Windows 11 is the most secure, reliable and environmentally friendly Windows operating system ever

Following the official announcement in late March 2020 that the global user base of Windows operating systems had surpassed a staggering one billion, Microsoft has recently unveiled a wealth of information pertaining to the use of the Windows operating system. This includes the fact that Windows 11 has become the most secure and reliable system in Microsoft’s history. Additionally, the updated Microsoft Edge browser not only reawakens swiftly from power-saving hibernation but also enhances background browsing to save up to 83% of memory usage.

Further data reveals the impressive performance of the new version of Microsoft Teams corresponding to Windows, demonstrating twice the execution speed. Microsoft continues to bolster the functionality within the Windows operating system, improving the Taskbar, notifications, and rapid-setting execution speeds. Moreover, they have achieved a 10% acceleration in the speed from boot to the desktop, halving the impact of simultaneously activated applications on the booting speed.

Microsoft has also underscored that by following the recommended energy usage settings, devices operating on the Windows system can reduce energy consumption by approximately 6%. Moreover, Microsoft has championed its updating strategy for the Windows operating system, which can be tailored to individual needs, thereby reducing further carbon emissions.

Furthermore, Microsoft has emphasized that the new version of the Windows operating system will be able to decrease the latency and proportion of jaggies during PC game execution, and it will also improve file management efficiency and enhance hardware peripheral device usage efficiency.

These facts have been validated by over one million machine operating hours per day, with statistics specifically targeting the Windows user interface, standby/awakening, memory, and storage device operational usage.