Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Microsoft to delete the huge face recognition database

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Network security experts said that Microsoft’s deletion of the face recognition database is the right choice, but once the data appears on the Internet, it cannot be completely deleted.

Microsoft deleted a huge database of 10 million images, which was used to train facial recognition systems. The database was released in 2016 and consists of online pictures of 100,000 celebrities. It is reported that the database has been used to train police forces and military operations.

bypass face recognition

A network security expert said that deleting the database is Microsoft’s right choice, but unfortunately, it may be too late. These personal data may become the target of some people.

The frustrating thing is that when data is deleted on the Internet, it usually cannot disappear forever. There is no doubt that these images will appear on the dark web and are likely to be paid for purchasing this database.

Via: BBC