Sat. Jul 11th, 2020

Apple negotiates with Intel on the mobile chip business and hopes to acquire Intel’s chip business

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Although Apple has continued to work with Qualcomm to stop using Intel’s modems, Apple still hopes to dig all Intel engineers. At present, Intel’s baseband chip business in Germany is mainly responsible for the development of various modems by the original engineering team of Infineon’s wireless technology department. Infineon’s wireless business unit was acquired by Intel a few years ago, and it has pushed forward that Infineon has also provided baseband chips for Apple.

XMM 8160 5G
Image: Intel

Apple is trying to acquire Intel’s baseband chip business mainly because it wants to develop itself. At present, the company has formed a team of thousands of people responsible for such research and development. However, in order to speed up the process and lay the foundation for the development of the subsequent baseband chips, Apple still needs to continue to acquire technology and other intellectual property rights through acquisition. Apple and Intel are still negotiating the acquisition, and if the acquisition is successful, it will help Apple’s baseband chips.

After Apple announced that it had reconciled with Qualcomm and continued to use the modem provided by Qualcomm, Intel has announced the withdrawal of 5G chips in the mobile device field. However, Intel also said that the business that is no longer continuing is only in the field of smartphones, and the company will continue to develop such chips in other fields.

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