Microsoft continues to improve Windows 10 task manager

We know that certain applications may sometimes take up high resources due to various problems, but sometimes the program should not take up too many resources.

For the user, if the program occupies too many hardware resources such as processor and memory space, it may cause the system to freeze and affect the normal use and reduce the experience.

But we seem to have no good way to solve this problem except for ending the process directly. Now based on user feedback, Microsoft has brought new features to the task manager.

Through this function, we can very conveniently limit the resource occupancy rate of a specific process, which can ensure that the process runs without taking up too many resources.

Microsoft’s new function for the task manager this time is called the “Eco mode”, which can mainly limit the utilization rate of process resources to reduce power consumption and extend battery life.

Of course, users can use this function to limit the resource usage of a specific process, especially on devices with lower configurations to improve the fluency of the system.

Microsoft claims that users can use this feature to set the priority of processes, limit the use of resources for those unimportant programs, that is, lower the priority to ensure that other programs run.

In theory, all programs can use this feature to limit resource usage, but some programs such as Microsoft Edge browsers sometimes do not support this feature.

The reason is that Microsoft browsers and others have their own energy-saving mode. If the user turns on the energy-saving mode, its priority has been lowered, so there is no need to operate through the task manager.