Microsoft confirms Windows 10 KB5014666 update is causing USB printer failure

According to a support bulletin issued by Microsoft, the KB5014666 update released by Microsoft on June 28, 2022, caused the Windows 10 printer to malfunction. This update is an optional update with a beta nature. However, subsequent updates including this month’s routine update also contain this error.

This error will cause the printer management to have a copy of the printer with the suffix copy1, more importantly, some applications cannot call the printer directly. Microsoft writes “Microsoft has received reports of issues affecting some printing devices following installation of this update. Symptoms observed may include duplicate copies of printers installed on a device (commonly with a similar name and the suffix “Copy1”), and applications which refer to the printer by a specific name cannot print.

Normal printer usage might be interrupted, resulting in failure of printing operations.”

Microsoft said the company is working on a solution to address the issue in a subsequent update. A temporary solution is currently available for users to fix.

“View the “Settings” app on your device. If a duplicate copy of a printer appears to exist under the “Bluetooth & devices” section, confirm whether this printer works. If so, this printer can be used normally, and other copies of the printer can be removed.

If the issue persists, update the print driver for your device. For guidance, see Install the latest driver for your printer. If you are still having issues, uninstalling and reinstalling your printer should solve the issue.”