Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Microsoft confirms that it will not release minor updates such as Windows 10 v1909

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Microsoft recently confirmed in an online discussion that updates such as Windows 10 v1909 are unplanned, so this small update will not be provided in the future. In other words, Microsoft’s normal plan is still to provide major updates twice a year, these major updates will provide a variety of new features instead of upgrading to a version number. Recently, Microsoft has revealed that this version of the update package actually only has 180KB to unlock some new features, so the Windows 10 v1909 version seems to simply upgrade the version number.

Windows 10 v1909

One of the questions presented during the presentation and the answer that Microsoft gave was the following one:

Q: Will we see this cycle for every year? Major feature update in H1, more minor feature update in H2, one cumulative update for both?

A: Delivering the 19H2 feature update via cumulative update and an enablement package is  a pilot program. There isn’t a formal plan in place to deliver future releases in the same way. We are closely monitoring feedback and hoping to learn from this type of release to help influence our future plans

Via: ghacks