Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Microsoft: Windows 10 v1909 is upgrading fast because the version update package is only 180KB

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At present, Microsoft has widely released the Windows 10 Version 1909 update. This update is just a very small feature update. Because this version does not have a major upgrade and does not bring significant features, simply this new version is more like a cumulative update. It is also true that when users try to upgrade this version, they will find that the speed is very fast, and it does not take a long time to install. As for the specific reasons, Microsoft officially introduced in the latest blog post, the main reason is that this version of the core update package is only 180KB.

Windows 10 v1909

Microsoft said that because it’s base package is the same as Windows 10 Version 1903, there is no need to replace duplicate packages with duplicate files in terms of updates.

Windows 10 November 2019 Update installation information:

  • For PCs with October 2018 Update or older, the size of November 2019 Update is 3.5GB or less depending on edition and PC architecture.
  • For PCs running May 2019 Update without latest cumulative update installed, the size would be 330MB or less.
  • If you using May 2019 Update and all cumulative updates are installed, the size is just 180KB.

“We knew early on we wanted to try and deliver new features in a dormant state via a shared cumulative update with 19H1. We knew that was possible but figuring out the mechanism for enablement and doing it in a way that would be familiar to both retail and commercial customers was challenging,” the firm said. “The enablement package was the new tech that helped bring it to reality”.

Via: windowslatest