Microsoft confirmed that Xbox consoles will support AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution

Microsoft confirms that it will add support for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, which is FSR, to Xbox Series and Xbox One series game consoles in the future.
If people still don’t know what AMD’s FSR technology is, in simple terms, FSR is a function that reduces the rendering resolution of the game and then stretches the final display into 4K (2160P). AMD recently launched this feature on PC for the first time, and from our quick hands-on experience with FSR, under the highest super quality mode, its impact on the clarity of the picture is relatively limited, but the increase in the number of frames in exchange is very impressive.
Xbox consoles AMD FSR
This kind of technology is actually more advantageous for the host. Microsoft should have known this for a long time, so even if AMD has not officially announced FSR before, it has already expressed interest in FSR running on Xbox consoles. Recently, Microsoft has made it clear that it will add support for FSR to the Xbox Series and Xbox One series consoles.
However, games that support FSR may not meet you so quickly. The Verge believes that it may even be possible that the first Xbox games that support FSR will not appear until 2022. I think that the games that can make use of FSR the most should be games with high hardware requirements such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, and Microsoft Flight Simulator ​is actually the game I am most looking forward to joining FSR.