Fri. May 29th, 2020

Microsoft builds a supercomputer containing 285,000 CPUs and 10,000 GPUs to train AI for developers

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In 2019, Microsoft announced that it has reached a strategic partnership with OPENAI, which also includes Microsoft’s investment of 1 billion US dollars to provide advanced computing platforms for OPENAI.

At the Build 2020 Global Developers Conference, Microsoft revealed the results of this cooperation for building a special supercomputer for OPENAI to train artificial intelligence.

This supercomputer’s extremely powerful performance will provide OPENAI with excellent computing power so that it can train more powerful artificial intelligence technology.

This supercomputer has a total of 285,000 processors and 10,000 graphics cards. The network connection is hosted at 400 Gbps in the Microsoft Azure data center.

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According to the global supercomputer TOP500 ranking, Microsoft’s new supercomputer is ranked in the top five, and there may be room for optimization in the future to continue to improve performance.

OPENAI CEO stated that the goal of OPENAI is not only to pursue research breakthroughs but also to design and develop more powerful AI technologies.

With a deeper understanding of supercomputers, the company hopes to build supercomputers according to their own ideas, so Microsoft supercomputer was born.

Microsoft’s chief technology officer said that by developing a leading infrastructure for training large AI models, Microsoft’s efforts will make Microsoft Azure better.

Microsoft is building better computers, better-distributed systems, better networks, and better data centers, making Azure better in performance and flexibility.

Via: Engadget