Sun. Jun 7th, 2020

Microsoft Build 2019 Developer Conference Summary: Focus on cloud services

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Microsoft recently held the 2019 Global Developers Conference in Seattle, USA. Microsoft has always disclosed some consumer-related news in previous years, and the Windows 10 system is naturally indispensable for the annual developer conference. However, this time the developer conference Microsoft did not mention the Windows 10 system. It can be seen that Microsoft has changed. The information about the consumer class at this developer conference is actually only the Microsoft Edge browser because this is Microsoft’s current main product. So relatively speaking, this developer conference is actually quite boring for developers.

Microsoft Edge:

As early as 2015, Microsoft has sentenced IE to death, and the Microsoft Edge browser based on UWP is a replacement for IE. From the data of the market organization, the current IE browser is mainly used by enterprises, because many enterprises’ software must use IE browser. Most consumers have already switched from IE to other modern browsers. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Microsoft Edge is almost no one.

Chromium Microsoft Edge Dev

After painstaking thoughts, Microsoft decided to migrate Microsoft Edge to Google Chromium, and now is the starting date for this new browser. Under the leadership of Nadella, Microsoft has abandoned the crazy competition of the Ballmer era, and now Microsoft is as user-centric as possible to attract more users. So Microsoft decided to add more new features to the new browser in the future. Of course, Microsoft still wants to seize the market of Google Chrome.

Microsoft Search:

The Microsoft Search Service is a new enterprise-class service that the company introduced earlier, mainly for users to find internal information through an independent search network. Currently, this enterprise-class product has been launched for all enterprises, and the service can be distinguished by the intelligent entity that the enterprise uses as a search result.

The service supports enterprise administrators to add a lot of information, such as corporate website, internal website, office system, contact information, office location, and so on.

Blockchain and related technologies:

Blockchain is one of the most popular technologies today. Microsoft will not miss it. Microsoft has announced that it will cooperate with JP Morgan Chase and other blockchains.

Microsoft and JPMorgan Chase will work together to develop an enterprise version of the Quorum and Ethereum networks. Interested users can click here for details.

Cloud Computing Service: Microsoft Azure:

The cloud computing business is one of Microsoft’s current pillar businesses and the fastest growing business, which is the key to Microsoft’s stock price breaking through trillions of dollars. At the developer conference, Microsoft said that about 95% of the world’s top 500 companies use Microsoft’s cloud computing services in their different services.

Visual Studio 2017 for Mac

While Microsoft is emphasizing the privacy of cloud services and responsible artificial intelligence services, Microsoft is now introducing a new version of the artificial intelligence service to protect privacy. With this in mind, developers can directly use Microsoft Azure to develop customized artificial intelligence services using Microsoft’s artificial intelligence technology.

In addition, Microsoft also launched the Microsoft Azure Speech service, which provides developers with real-time voice-to-text and other functions through speech recognition algorithms.

Microsoft 365:

The service is primarily a packaged subscription service that Microsoft provides to businesses, such as providing Windows 10 subscriptions and Microsoft Office 365 to businesses. Now Microsoft is bringing more intelligence to Microsoft 365, such as helping users design and present beautiful documents in Word components.

Office 365 Home Subscription Edition

At the same time, Microsoft Search (the one mentioned above) will use Bing’s artificial intelligence technology and Microsoft Graph to provide deep customization search services.

Windows Terminal:

Windows Terminal

Yes, Microsoft has decided to introduce a new, modern, fast and efficient and very powerful terminal application. It is a Windows Terminal. The new terminal tool includes all command line tools and shells, supporting CMD, PowerShell, SSH, and various styles of WSL subsystems.

Windows 10 WSL 2:

This developer conference Microsoft also announced the launch of Windows 10 WSL 2, which is an upgraded version of the Windows 10 built-in WSL feature.

Windows Subsystem for Linux 2

Since it is an upgrade, there are naturally various optimizations, such as improved file system performance and new system call compatibility and support for Docker containers.

.NET Framework 5:

In addition, Microsoft also announced the launch of .NET 5, the next version of the .NET series framework, which will bring a unified platform for developers to use. It supports Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, Android, tvOS, watchOS systems, become a truly cross-platform development tool. .NET 5 will be supported by Visual Studio 2019, Visual Studio for Mac, and Visual Studio Code after the subsequent release.

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