Mon. Apr 6th, 2020

Microsoft brings back the settings top bar shortcut button in Windows 10 v1909

2 min read

Earlier, Microsoft has tested adding a top bar to the Windows 10 settings application. The top bar mainly includes shortcut operations such as logging in to an account or opening an update.

However, this feature was relatively bad, so many netizens complained about it during the test. Then Microsoft decided to delete this feature to prevent it from being continued.

Since yesterday, it seems that Microsoft has pushed this feature to some users. There has been no change in functionality, but Microsoft has only quietly pushed it to some users.

There are also reasons for everyone to complain about this feature. For example, the options in the top bar cannot be closed and cannot be modified, that is, only these options provided by Microsoft can be used.

Complete options include: sign in to your Microsoft account, sign in to OneDrive, connect to your phone, quickly open the update page, and get rewards through feedback.

Most of these options are easy to do by the user, so there is no need to occupy a place at the top. Moreover, the shortcut operation cannot be customized, so it is very uncomfortable to look at.

However, I don’t know why Microsoft decided to bring this feature back, and it is operated in the official version, not tested to users in the quick test version.

Of course, only a few users can see this top bar, unfortunately, if you appear this top bar, you can only watch it because you can’t close it completely.