Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Microsoft announces the resumption of the non-security monthly updates for Windows 10 and Windows Server systems

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Earlier, due to the impact of the coronavirus epidemic, Microsoft announced that it would suspend the release of cumulative updates with beta versions (ie, C/D updates) to prevent malfunctions affecting users’ normal use.

However, with the gradual slowdown of the coronavirus epidemic situation, various delays due to the epidemic situation are also gradually recovering, so Microsoft is also preparing to resume rhythm.

This includes cumulative updates pushed for Windows 10 and Windows Server server systems, and these cumulative updates are all tested.

Microsoft announced in a blog today that it will resume non-security updates starting next month. Such cumulative updates are mainly used to fix various known problems and basically do not involve vulnerabilities.

At the same time, such updates will normally be released each month and will be merged with the security update in the monthly routine update after the test is completed.

In addition, Microsoft has adjusted the name of this type of cumulative update, and users will notice that the marked update is optional when they see the prompt on the system update page.