Sun. Feb 23rd, 2020

Microsoft announced the satellite network connection for Azure

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How to ensure the smooth network is an important issue in the era when cloud services are becoming more and more important. Most cloud computing providers use multiple redundant backups to deal with network disconnection. Under normal circumstances, if there is an abnormality in the data center of an area, it can automatically switch to other normal areas, and various alternate lines can be called. However, there is still a gap between ideals and reality.

The dedicated routing network provided by Microsoft Azure cloud computing business has announced the access to satellite connections, not because of convenience but to ensure the stable operation of the server. At the same time, the use of satellite network connections can also increase security to prevent hijacking of routes midway, because Microsoft’s private network is completely private route propagation.

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Microsoft said it has joined several satellite network providers to access Microsoft’s dedicated routing network to provide highly available private access routes for businesses and governments. In terms of access speed, Microsoft claims that by optimizing the satellite link connection, it is now possible to achieve the same speed as the ground fiber connection, and the level of delay is basically the same.

The guarantee of a high degree of smooth connectivity through satellite networks is the most important advantage, but in addition to dealing with ground network anomalies, there are some important scenarios where satellites can be used. In addition, more and more commercial spacecraft also need to be connected by means of satellite links, which can optimize the network transmission speed and ensure the smooth connection of the network.

Azure ExpressRoute with satellite connectivity offers the following:

  • Using satellite connectivity with ExpressRoute provides dedicated and highly available, private access directly to Azure and Azure Government clouds.
  • ExpressRoute provides predictable latency through well-connected ground stations, and, as always, maintains all traffic privately on our network – no traversing of the Internet.
  • Customers and partners can harness Microsoft’s global network to rapidly deliver data to where it’s needed or augment routing to best optimize for their specific need.
  • Satellite and a wide selection of service providers will enable rich solution portfolios for cloud and hybrid networking solutions centered around Azure networking services.
  • With some of the world’s leading broadband satellite providers as partners, customers can select the best solution based on their needs. Each of the partners brings different strengths, for example, choices between Geostationary (GEO), Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) and in the future Low Earth Orbit(LEO) satellites, geographical presence, pricing, technology differentiation, bandwidth, and others.
  • ExpressRoute over satellite creates new channels and reach for satellite broadband providers, through a growing base of enterprises, organizations and public sector customers.
Source: Microsoft