Microsoft announced the Microsoft Edge roadmap, many new features will come

For now, the Microsoft Edge browser is still popular. It can synchronize various data more conveniently. The browser is currently a key business of Microsoft, so Microsoft keeps adding new features to it. Recently, Microsoft has announced the latest roadmap for the browser.

In the roadmap, Microsoft mentioned that a number of new features will come in the update released this month. After all, Microsoft engineers are coming back to work after their holiday is over.

It should be reminded that these new features mentioned below will be tested in the Canary version in advance, so some features may have to wait until March to reach the stable version.

Vertical tabs feature

Microsoft has begun testing the vertical tab page function in the current Edge canary version.

In terms of personal experience, we feel that this vertical tab page is not bad, of course, it may also be the long-term use of the top title bar that makes us like freshness.

Tab preview

This feature is a new feature previously developed by Google Chrome, that is, hovering the mouse over the title of the tab will automatically display the abbreviated content of the tab.

At present, Microsoft is also actively adapting this feature to bring it to the Microsoft Edge browser. This feature is very useful when many tabs are opened.

This feature has also been tested in the experimental options. If it goes well, it is estimated that this feature will officially arrive in the new stable version launched this month.

PDF related functions

Recently, Microsoft is also improving the Microsoft Edge browser’s support for PDF documents, including markup, search, table of contents, and new dictionary functions.

The dictionary function is a new feature that Microsoft is going to add, that is, you can query the dictionary by selecting certain words so that users can find the meaning of words without leaving the document.

In addition, Microsoft has recently been testing the sidebar search function, which is also effective in the PDF browser, and displays the search results on the side when searching without leaving the page.

Finally, the Microsoft Edge browser can now detect whether it is the default PDF browser, and if it is not, it can suggest the user jump to the settings page.

Flash Player

Adobe Flash Player has been completely discontinued yesterday, and Google, Microsoft, and Firefox browsers are also about to delete the player.

Microsoft has determined that it will no longer provide support for the player, and there will be no response if you try to load the player and content through the Microsoft browser.

Browser cookies

Both Microsoft and Apple have followed the footsteps of Firefox to restrict cookies. This will help protect users from being tracked by ad networks, which usually use cookies and other technologies to track users across sites.

Google Chrome now actually supports blocking third-party cookies, but it is only enabled in incognito mode by default, and users can set them manually.

Via: windowslatest