Micron releases 96GB DDR5-4800 RDIMM

Micron has announced the launch of a 96GB DDR5 RDIMM with substantial capacity, currently in mass production and attaining a speed of 4800MT/s, which doubles the bandwidth compared to its DDR4 counterparts. Micron elucidates that by unlocking next-generation monolithic technologies, its high-density memory solution bolsters the capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI) and memory database workloads, thereby obviating the need for expensive, latency-increasing chip stacking.

The 96GB DDR5-4800 RDIMM meets the requirements of AMD’s fourth-generation EPYC server processors, such as its utility in the Supermicro 8125GS, an exemplary platform for high-performance computing, AI, deep learning training, and industrial server workloads.

Praveen Vaidyanathan, Vice President and General Manager of the Computer Products Division at Micron, postulated that by offering high-capacity memory solutions, they provide apt performance for compute-intensive workloads. This newly launched memory module establishes a novel solution optimized for the total cost of ownership for their customers. Coupled with close cooperation with system suppliers, they can leverage each other’s strengths, presenting customers with the latest memory technologies to tackle the most challenging data center needs.

This year, numerous memory manufacturers have begun offering DDR5 memory with single-stick capacities of 24GB, 48GB, and 96GB, signifying a departure from the historical trend of memory capacity doubling as a power of two. Such products are deemed optimal choices for next-generation servers and workstations, as systems can more precisely balance memory capacity and processor core numbers. Increasing memory capacity could also potentially result in lower costs.