Meta Quest v64 Upgrade: See Your World Like Never Before

As consistently reported, major updates to the Meta Quest invariably herald significant changes. According to the latest post on the Meta Quest official blog, the rollout of update v64 introduces some particularly intriguing enhancements.

Foremost among these is the improvement in pass-through quality. Meta states that v64 offers a more lifelike pass-through than previous versions, with superior adjustments in color, exposure, contrast, and dynamic range, enabling players to see in-headset scenes that are indistinguishable from their real-world environment. These refinements allow users to perceive details without removing the headset, such as notifications on a smartphone and content with smaller fonts. Additionally, the update reduces graininess in low-light conditions, and better noise control facilitates gaming deep into the night.

Meta also shared that their ultimate goal is to achieve a pass-through image that is utterly indistinguishable from reality, a promising development for aficionados of Mixed Reality (MR) applications.

The second major update is support for external microphones. Although the Quest 3 already incorporates a built-in microphone, there remains a demand among users for the option to use more professional and high-end microphones, which v64 facilitates via the headset’s USB-C port. This feature also helps alleviate the issue of bursting sounds previously encountered with the Quest 3’s internal microphone.

The third update introduces a “lying down” feature for the Quest 3. As early as v63, Meta had provided this feature to Quest 2 and Quest Pro users, allowing them to use the headset comfortably while lying in bed or on a sofa. Now, this convenience is extended to Quest 3 users as well.

For further details on this update, more information can be accessed through this link.