Meta plans to reintegrate Messenger service back into Facebook

Since the announcement of the split of the Messenger service from Facebook in 2014, its purpose was to give the messaging service more room for development. However, in a recent update, Meta indicated that more and more people are sharing content they see on Facebook directly through Messenger, which is why they hope to reintegrate Messenger functionality into Facebook to increase user engagement.

Meta states that there are currently more than 140 billion messages sent through the Messenger service every day. Moreover, from users sharing more than one billion Reels videos per day on Instagram via the private messaging function, it is believed that adding Messenger back to Facebook would be more beneficial for content sharing and delivery while reducing the need for users to switch between different apps.

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Furthermore, the majority of users communicated between Facebook and Messenger at the end of last year with a ratio of over 50%, demonstrating that integrating both services will lead to higher user engagement.

Although Meta has announced plans to reintegrate Messenger into Facebook, it also intends to keep the messaging service as an independent operation, primarily to allow users to use Messenger more easily within the Facebook app.

Currently, this adjustment is only being tested for some users, but testing will be expanded to reach more people.

In addition to announcing that the Messenger service will be reintegrated into Facebook, Meta also stated that Facebook has grown to attract more than 2 billion people to its platform every day. Meta emphasized that it will continue to enhance the integration of artificial intelligence technology to help more creators unleash their creativity on the Facebook platform. Moreover, Meta also plans to use AI to help users easily find the content they want to see and increase the accuracy of ad targeting, and will create more applications and services using AI in the future.