Meta launches ad-free paid versions of Facebook and Instagram services in the EU

In response to the EU’s privacy regulations, Meta has unveiled a subscription plan priced at €12.99 (approximately $14) per month, offering an ad-free experience for users aged 18 and above on the iOS or Android versions of Facebook and Instagram.

This initiative is currently exclusive to the European Union, the European Economic Area, and Switzerland. It permits users aged 18 and older to utilize the iOS or Android variants of Facebook and Instagram without ad interruptions. Nevertheless, Meta still offers an ad-supported version of its services for those who prefer not to incur additional charges.

Initially, the subscription covers all linked accounts for a user. However, starting from March 2024, a fee of €6-8 will be levied for any additional linked accounts.

Moreover, Meta intends to halt ad placements linked to teen accounts, effective from November 6th.

In their current public statements, Meta has not elucidated any plans to expand this ad-free subscription model to other regions. This move, primarily tailored for the European Union and similar jurisdictions, is largely a strategic adaptation to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the forthcoming Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act.