Meta begins testing virtual reality platform Horizon Worlds on mobile phones and web pages

In 2022, Meta launched its virtual reality platform, Horizon Worlds, and now stands on the cusp of unveiling its versions for Android and iOS platforms, even allowing users to access services through web browsers. Meta’s internal studio, Ouro Interactive, has crafted a first-person shooter game titled “Super Rumble,” which is set to be a cross-device playable game within Horizon Worlds.

Meta proclaims that “Super Rumble” is designed for the Horizon Worlds platform. The Android version has been judiciously launched, with the iOS rendition poised to debut in the ensuing weeks. Furthermore, users can revel in the game through the Horizon Worlds platform accessed via a web browser and luxuriate in a cross-device gaming experience.

Simultaneously, Meta elucidates its vision to augment a myriad of content to the Horizon Worlds platform in the forthcoming months. This will empower users to traverse the virtual reality world using VR headsets, mobile devices, or web platforms and indulge in interactive engagements with fellow denizens of this virtual realm.

Currently, Meta remains reticent on mitigating discrepancies in device interactivity. For instance, the tangible interactions of users employing VR headsets differ marginally from those using mobile devices or web platforms. Whether these nuances impede or elevate the overall user experience remains an enigma. Gleaning from Meta’s official statements, not all content will be accessible on mobile and web versions, subtly insinuating a variance in the tangible experience.

On another note, “Super Rumble” is still in its nascent testing phase, suggesting that refinements and modifications may be imminent.