Meta added 14 games that can be played in video calls to the Messenger

Following the recent disclosure of Messenger’s return to the mobile Facebook app, Meta’s Facebook Gaming announced the integration of 14 games for users to enjoy with online friends and family during video calls via Messenger, fostering greater emotional connection and interaction.

The 14 games include various genres such as “Card Wars” by Bombay Play, “Exploding Kittens” by Coatsink, “Mini Golf FRVR” by FRVR, and “Words With Friends” by Zynga. Users can play these games through iOS and Android Messenger services or the web-based Messenger platform.

Each game has been optimized for the Messenger interface and incorporates a scoring leaderboard system, encouraging friendly competition among users and their loved ones. However, the maximum simultaneous player count varies depending on the game, with an emphasis on enhancing emotional connections between users, their friends, and family, as well as fostering new friendships.

Facebook Gaming stated that additional game content would be introduced in the latter half of this year, hoping to attract more developers by leveraging the substantial user base of Messenger services and subsequently draw in more gamers.

While games currently available on Messenger are free to play, it remains uncertain whether paid options will be introduced in the future.