MediaTek launches Dimensity 9300

MediaTek has announced the launch of the Dimensity 9300, forging a new flagship 5G generative AI chipset tailored for the mobile market. Touted for its revolutionary all-big-core architectural design, the Dimensity 9300 promises unparalleled intelligence, high performance, energy efficiency, and low power consumption, heralding a groundbreaking advancement in technology. This chipset redefines the flagship experience in areas such as on-device generative AI, gaming, and imaging.

Crafted using TSMC’s third-generation 4nm process, the Dimensity 9300 integrates 22.7 billion transistors and debuts an innovative all-big-core CPU architecture to meet the ever-increasing demands of modern and future mobile computing. Its CPU comprises an octa-core setup with four ultra-large cores (Cortex-X4@3.25 GHz) and four big cores (Cortex-A720@2.0 GHz), delivering a 40% performance boost and 33% power saving over the previous generation. The GPU features a 12-core Immortalis-G720 with a second-generation hardware ray tracing engine, achieving a 46% performance increase and a 40% reduction in power for the same performance level. The integrated seventh-generation AI processor APU 790 houses a hardware-level generative AI engine, doubling the integer and floating-point performance while reducing power consumption by 45%. The chipset includes a flagship-grade ISP, Imagiq 990, supporting full-pixel focus and 2x lossless zoom with an integrated OIS core for image stabilization.

In other aspects, the Dimensity 9300 supports 9600 MT/s LPDDR5T memory; the display processor MiraVision 990, which can handle 180Hz at WQHD and 120Hz at 4K resolutions, as well as dual-screen display for foldable devices. Additionally, it supports the new Ultra HDR format in Android 14. The 5G modem enables Sub-6GHz four-carrier aggregation (4CC-CA) and dual SIM dual active (DSDA) modes, complemented by the proprietary UltraSave 3.0+ power-saving technology. The chipset also supports Wi-Fi 7 with peak network transfer rates of up to 6.5Gbps, and MediaTek’s Xtra Range 2.0 technology extends indoor coverage by 4.5 meters. It accommodates up to three Bluetooth antennas and features dual Bluetooth fast connection technology, offering an ultra-low latency Bluetooth audio experience. For audio capture, it supports three-microphone dynamic noise reduction with omni-directional high-dynamic recording capabilities, utilizing advanced noise separation technology to effectively filter out environmental noises such as wind. Security is enhanced with integrated dual security chips and the utilization of advanced memory tagging extension (MTE) technology for a safer application development environment.

MediaTek anticipates that the first smartphones equipped with the Dimensity 9300 chip will hit the market by the end of 2023.