March 2020 Web Server Survey: Market share of Nginx domains surpass Apache

The monthly global Web server survey report “March 2020 Web Server Survey” published by Netcraft is the main reference basis for people to understand the number of global websites and the market share of the server market.
March 2020 Web Server Survey contains a total of 1,263,025,546 sites data, including 257,194,796 unique domains and 9,659,223 web-facing computers.

Among them, the total number of Microsoft and nginx domain names increased in March. Nginx gained 4.84 million domain names (an increase of 7.2%) and increased its market share to 28.1%, while Microsoft gained 215,000 domain names.

Nginx surpassed Apache for the first time in the domain name market share, but still leading Apache in active sites, despite losing 225,000 active sites in March, Apache still has an 8.21 percentage point lead over Nginx.

Google lost 115,000 domain names but gained 510,000 active sites, while Oracle lost 27,800 domain names and 22,200 active sites. Both have less than one percent of the domain name market share, Google has 0.87% (-0.06 percentage points), and Oracle has 0.22% (-0.01 percentage points).