Magento Marketplace platform leaked database

Recently, Adobe’s Magento Marketplace platform has been hacked, resulting in the theft of developer names, user names, billing and shopping addresses, contact information, and a little business information, but account passwords or financial information have not been leaked. Adobe closed its Magento market immediately after learning of the hack to fix the vulnerability. The store is now back online.

It is understood that Magento is a content management solution for building online stores, and the Magento Marketplace platform allows users and developers to buy, sell, and download themes and plugins designed by online stores. Hackers exploited a vulnerability on the platform’s website that allowed unauthorized third parties to access user account information.

It is reported that the affected users mainly include regular users who registered on the website to purchase the Magento-based online store themes and plugins, and also developers who use the portal to sell their code plugins and themes. At this time, it is unclear when the hacker launched the attack or the number of victims. Adobe said the company notified the victims and had stopped the attack in a timely manner. Adobe executives said the hacking did not cause any disruption or disruption to the company’s core Magento products and services.

Via: thehackernews