ARM-based MacBook Pro may be equipped with second-generation Touch Bar and Face ID

At present, information about Apple’s upcoming first ARM-based MacBook Pro has begun to increase. Recently, there have been rumors that this device will be launched in the fourth quarter of this year.

Today, a whistleblower said that the first ARM-based MacBook Pro will be equipped with a new generation of Touch Bar, but we still don’t know what is the difference between the new generation of Touch Bar and the current version, the most likely is that it will increase the vertical width of the Touch Bar, increases the touchable area of ​​the Touch Bar and brings users more interactive functional options.

In addition, the ARM-based MacBook Pro will also be equipped with the Face ID function. Since this function was added to the iPhone X and iPad Pro.

Unfortunately, the ARM version of the MacBook with entry-level positioning will not get the Face ID function.

Via: wccftech