Lorenz Group Invades Cogdell Memorial Hospital, Steal 400GB of Data

The Lorenz extortion group has declared a breach of Texas’ Cogdell Memorial Hospital, accompanied by the publication of pilfered data. In early November, the hospital reported a “computer network incident,” which impeded access to certain systems and significantly disrupted telephone communications. Subsequently, the hospital severed its network connection but continued to provide the majority of its standard services.

Cogdell Memorial Hospital, a critically important medical institution in rural West Texas, offers an extensive array of services, including emergency aid, surgical procedures, medical diagnostics, laboratory tests, and various therapeutic and patient care services.

Lorenz group acknowledged their role in the cyberattack and posted information about the hospital on their Tor network leak site. According to the group, hackers stole over 400 GB of data, encompassing internal files, patient medical images, and staff email correspondence.

Active since April 2021, the Lorenz extortionists are notorious for their attacks on various global organizations, demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars in ransom. They employ a “double extortion” model, uploading confidential data from victim organizations before encrypting it, then threatening its publication if the ransom is not paid.

Notably, in early October, the hackers committed a grave error by accidentally revealing the details of all individuals who had attempted to contact them over the past two years.