Logitech launches Reach, a live broadcast camera

In 2020, Logitech unveiled the Streamcam, a webcam specifically tailored for the live-streaming market. Building on Streamcam’s foundation, they have now introduced another model, the Reach. This iteration prominently features a cross-structured stand, allowing for swift adjustments to the camera’s positioning and angle.

While the Streamcam is commendable, the Reach further refines its lens design, introduces upgraded autofocus, and supports a 4.3x lossless zoom. However, it still retains a resolution of 1080P at 60fps.

A primary selling point is the easily adjustable cross-structured stand. During live streaming, if there’s a need to swiftly alter the camera’s positioning or switch between upward and downward shooting modes, one can achieve this with minimal manual adjustment.

Yet, Logitech does not currently plan to sell the Reach’s cross-structured stand separately, perhaps to create a distinct niche compared to the Streamcam. However, in theory, combining the Streamcam with other stand accessories could replicate the Reach’s functionality.

For now, the Reach is slated for crowdfunding through the Indiegogo platform, simultaneously gauging market demand for such a product.