Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

LMDE 4 “Debbie” released: based on Debian Buster

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The Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) uses Debian Stable as the software source base rather than Ubuntu. LMDE was originally based directly on Debian’s Testing branch, but is designed to provide the same functionality and look and feel as the Ubuntu-based editions.[56] LMDE has its own package repositories.

LMDE claims certain advantages and disadvantages compared to ‘Mint Main’ (i.e., the Ubuntu-based editions):

  • LMDE is faster and more responsive than Ubuntu-based editions.
  • LMDE requires a deeper knowledge and experience with Linux and Debian package management.
  • Debian is less user-friendly and desktop-ready than Ubuntu, with some rough edges.

    Dps pushkar / CC BY-SA

LMDE 4 “Debbie” releases.


New features:

This new version of LMDE contains many improvements. Here are some of the main ones:

  • Automated partitioning with support for LVM and full-disk encryption
  • Home directory encryption
  • Support for automated installation of NVIDIA drivers
  • NVMe support
  • SecureBoot support
  • Btrfs subvolumes support
  • Revamped installer
  • Automatic installation of microcode packages
  • Automatic resolution bump for the live session to a minimum of 1024×768 in Virtualbox.
  • Linux Mint 19.3 improvements (HDT, Boot-repair, System reports, language settings, HiDPI and artwork improvements, new boot menus, Celluloid, Gnote, Drawing, Cinnamon 4.4, XApp status icons…etc)
  • APT recommends enabled by default
  • Removed deb-multimedia repository and packages
  • Debian 10 Buster package base with backports repository