Thu. Apr 2nd, 2020

Choosing Laptop Security Cables – What’s the Right Size?

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Congratulations on deciding to buy a security cable. It will go a long way in keeping your computer safe and protected.

But how do you know the right security cable for your computer? This post is meant to help you with exactly that.

Let’s get started:

You Need to Be a Smart Shopper

With the many choices available in the market, how do you choose the right cable? While there’s no single solution that can apply in your every situation, there must be one out there that’s specifically made for you and everyone else in the same situation.

So to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want, you must do your research.

Now, here are some things you need to think about before you purchase that critical tool for your device:

Does One Size Fit All?

You can either buy the security cable from a retailer or commercial reseller. While retail cables are readily available, they have limited options. You have to get on their shelf to get what they have.

A commercial reseller such as Maclocks site offers a variety of cables to secure different types of laptops. What’s more, they offer high-quality cables and lots of options.

Think about this. Who are you going to contact if you have an issue with the cable you got from off-the-shelf?

Trying to call the 800 # provided at the back of your packaging might not bear fruits. When you can, you might probably be directed to press 1 for this, press 2 that and the list goes on. This can be so frustrating.

Security cables are more likely to be a large percentage for niche commercial reseller businesses. They’ll go with you in every step to ensure that you have the right cable by providing the right keying options. What’s more, should you call them, they’ll be there to answer the phone.

To Key or Not to Key?

After you’ve decided where you want to buy your cable, now you have to decide how you want your cable to be opened. But what are your options? The key or a combination lock.

As tempting as it may, do not automatically go for a combination lock. As much as we hate to add another key to our collection, it is important to remember that if you forget your combination, you might no be able to recover it.

When you find yourself in this situation, your only option will be to pry your cable off, which, as you may know, could damage your laptop. However, if you have a superb memory, you can as well decide to go for a combination lock.

Keyed cables also have their up and downs, so be sure to find more about the pros and cons that come with each option before making your choice.

What if You’re a Corporate Buyer?

If you’re purchasing cables for your company or organization, you should opt for keyed cabled as opposed to combination locks. By providing your workers with combination locks, you’re not just relying on your memory but also theirs. What will happen if someone forgets their combination?

While you can keep track of the combinations yourself, what if someone changes them without your knowledge? What if they are fired or leave the company?

You’ll be left with the option of prying off the cable, which as we said earlier, can potentially damage your laptop.

As you can see, you can do yourself a favor by buying keyed cables for your company. However, be sure to check the various key options available before choosing your keying system platform.

Other Questions to Ask

After deciding about the keying system right for you and the best place to buy from, it’s now time to determine the best lock for you. What’s the size of the cable? Does your laptop have a built-in security slot? If yes, does the cable fit in the slot? And what are your options if your laptop does not have a built-in security slot?

A reputable seller can answer all these questions as it is something they do every day.

Final Thought

If you are in an area with a low threat level, a cable alone may be enough. But if you are in a high threat level environment, then you may want to add an extra layer of security to your computer. Consider buying security cables that include a tracking and recovery plate that can provide your laptop with the much-needed protection.