Mon. Jul 13th, 2020

Linux Mint releases LMDE 3 based on Debian 9 codenamed “Cindy”

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Linux Mint is a community-driven Linux distribution and project based on Debian or Ubuntu that is committed to being a “powerful and easy to use, modern, elegant and comfortable operating system.” Linux Mint provides an out-of-the-box user experience with pre-installed proprietary software and a variety of free and open source applications that are friendly to novices.

LMDE is a sub of Linux Mint for Linux Mint Debian Edition. As its name suggests, LMDE is a Debian-based version of the Linux Mint distribution and is a team’s exploration of the underlying systems beyond Ubuntu.

The project recently released the LMDE 3 codenamed “Cindy”, equipped with the Cinnamon desktop environment, based on Debian 9 Stretch.

LMDE has no point releases. In addition to bug fixes and security issues, the Debian base pack remains the same, but Mint and desktop components are updated continuously. When available, newly developed features will be directly incorporated into LMDE, and they will be included in the next release of the Linux Mint minor update.

LMDE does not provide a separate version change description. For details on this release and its changes compared to previous versions, please refer to Debian 9 (Stretch) release notes and Linux Mint 19.