Linux Mint 19.1 ‘Tessa’ will be released this Christmas

Clement Lefebvre announced that Linux Mint 19.1 ‘Tessa’ will be launched this Christmas. Although all versions of the project encountered problems at the same time, Clem promised that the Cinnamon, MATE, and Xfce versions will be released at the same time. In Linux Mint 19, the Mint-Y theme will replace Mint-X as the default theme. Based on the information currently available, the contrast of the theme will be improved to make the content display clearer, and the labels and icons will appear darker than before, thus enhancing the contrast with the background.

In this round of updates will be equipped with the latest Cinnamon 4.0 desktop environment, the Mint-Y-Dark theme is enabled by default, the default Windows panel has also been updated, users can also switch back to the traditional interface through the option.

The full panel uses a larger 40px panel, and the icons on the left and center areas will be magnified, but the icons in the right system tray will remain 24px. The new interface includes a grouping window and a small system tray. On the welcome page, users can choose their preferred interface, and later can also be changed through settings.