The Linux Foundation combines AT&T to build open source AI applications


According to foreign media reports, the Linux Foundation is working with AT&T to develop a new open-source AI project called Acumos Project, whose goal is to communicate freely with artificial intelligence frameworks and machine learning solutions, like many open source platforms, Eventually becoming the AI application and service market.

Acumos Project is not for data scientists, but for ordinary users with tools, its main focus on the application and micro-services. The Linux Foundation now publishes fewer details, but it is certain that it will support Acumos Project development for a long time, and AT & T and Tech Mahindra will provide code for the project.

“Artificial intelligence is an important tool for human business development, but the current AI environment is fragmented and there is a big obstacle to the adoption of Acumos,” said Mazin Gilbert, vice president of technology at AT & T Labs. “Acumos will accelerate innovation and deployment of AI applications And provide it to everyone. ”

The Acumos project code is expected to be available by the beginning of 2018.

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