Linux 5.11-rc4 now supports Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics cards

Linux 5.11-rc4 was officially launched, and now this time node is getting closer and closer to the release of the stable version of Linux 5.11. Therefore, at this stage of development, there will be no significant changes in the updated content.

However, there is something worth mentioning in this version. The support of the Ampere-based Nvidia RTX 30 series graphics card is the most important part of Linux 5.11, but it is currently limited to the kernel-level display mode setting in the Nouveau DRM driver. This is an important addition to the correct display mode setting on the Linux kernel driver and running the latest Nvidia GPU, but it does not support any 3D acceleration or similar functions for the time being. But in the foreseeable future, users who use Nvidia Ampere-based GPUs can get proprietary drivers with rich features and excellent performance.

Another point worth noting is that Linux 5.11-rc4 fixes the problem of the Intel Haswell GT1 graphics card that has existed for half a year. The previously affected Intel graphics cards may hang during startup, and they can finally resume normal work after the update.

Most of the remaining updates of Linux 5.11-rc4 are about bug fixes. For further details, you can check the official documentation. The stable version of Linux 5.11 will be officially released in February.