Lian Li inaugurated a lawsuit against Phanteks

Phanteks, this year, unveiled its novel D30 series of fans, deftly amalgamating the D-RGB illumination system with the aerodynamic fan blades, spanning a thickness of 30mm. These fans, presented in both noir and alabaster hues, are likely familiar to a multitude of enthusiasts. Indeed, another titan in the market, specializing in PC casings and thermal solutions—known as Lian Li—had previously introduced fans espousing a similar design philosophy. Some connoisseurs even ventured to opine that the two fans bear a striking resemblance.

As reported by Overclock3D, Lian Li inaugurated a lawsuit against Phanteks on September 8, 2023, in the courts of California. They leveled accusations at Phanteks for infringing upon their patents and solicited a perpetual injunction, curbing Phanteks and its subsidiaries from vending the contentious products sans proper authorization, coupled with a plea for damages.

Lian Li’s initiation of the legal foray was not a precipitous act; they had dispatched a communique to Phanteks as early as May 2023, signaling allegations of infringement. Phanteks, however, appeared to dismiss this overture and persisted in marketing the D30 series. Lian Li construed this as a deliberate act of defiance. It’s worthy of note that Lian Li procured a patent for their RGB fan’s daisy-chain technology in June 2020, registered under “US 10,690,336 B1”.

Given the burgeoning presence of fans with analogous designs in the marketplace, this litigation assumes augmented significance. Yet, a resolution remains some way off. Should Lian Li triumph in this legal skirmish, they might leverage this victory as a springboard, potentially instigating legal measures against myriad manufacturers suspected of trespassing upon their patents.