LG will authorize webOS to be used by other TV manufacturers

According to LG’s announcement, the proprietary system webOS on its own TV will be licensed to other external TV manufacturers. TV manufacturers authorized to use webOS will also get a Magic Motion remote controller from LG. In addition, the system’s voice control tools, algorithms, and applications – including LG Channels will also be provided.

According to LG, more than 20 TV manufacturers have signed up to introduce webOS to their TVs, including RCA, Ayonz, and Konka.

At present, most of the operating systems used in smart TVs are Android TV created by Google. Compared with Android TV, WebOS is considered to have a faster application switching speed and a more concise and intuitive UI, while Android TV has a richer ecosystem, providing more applications than WebOS.

In the past, the webOS interface has always adopted a highly acclaimed UX design, placing the navigation menu in the lower third of the screen. LG announced at CES earlier this year that webOS will undergo a major reinvention. It will use a more standard interface that looks more like Android TV.

Android TV is also licensed to other TV manufacturers and will appear on devices other than Chromecast this year, including TCL and Sony TV.