LG showcases a new generation of 42/48/97-inch OLED EX panels, and new transparent OLED technology

LG showcased 42-inch, 48-inch, and 97-inch OLED EX (OLED Evolution eXperience) panels during the K-Display 2022 event in Seoul, South Korea. According to TechRadar, these panels are likely to end up in end products, though they will likely be more expensive.

The 97-inch OLED EX panel surpasses the 88-inch Z2 8K OLED TV currently sold by LG as the largest OLED panel. OLED screens have millions of pixels that emit light independently, eliminating the need for a separate backlight. This unique feature enables the OLED EX to achieve perfect blacks, rich and accurate color performance, and extremely fast response times. According to LG, OLED EX technology takes image accuracy and brightness to new levels to accurately present refined, lifelike details and colors, with a 30% increase in brightness compared to previous products.

Unlike previous OLED panels, one of the major changes in OLED EX is the use of deuterium compounds to create high-efficiency organic light-emitting diodes that emit stronger light. For the first time, the hydrogen element present in the organic light-emitting element is converted into stable deuterium and applied to OLED EX. Combined with personalized algorithms to enhance the stability and efficiency of organic light-emitting diodes, thereby improving the overall display performance and effect.

The samples shown by LG also feature the Film Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) feature, an embedded speaker technology that enables a 5.1-channel sound system. It generates sound through the vibrations of the display itself, without the need for specialized speakers, and LG says it can create “movie-level immersion.”

In addition, LG showcased new transparent OLED panels, aimed at business customers, and highlighted its “OLED-T” panels as an alternative to glass windows for use in storefronts and conference rooms. However, LG did not disclose the details and price of the panel. With reference to past products, it is estimated that it can easily reach more than $10,000.