LG Display ready to launch 20-inch OLED panel

The small-sized OLED TVs launched by LG in recent years are very popular with many consoles and PC gamers. Of course, the small size here refers to 48 and 42 inches in relative terms. They are still small on TV sets, but they are giant screens when placed on PC monitors. However, LG also seems to want to make it really small. Recently, it was reported that LG Display is preparing to launch a 20-inch OLED panel this year.

According to The Elec, Kang Won-seok, president of LG Display, revealed the news at a recent speech by the Korea Display Industry Association. However, it is not clear what kind of products OLED panels of this size will be used for. Only in the consumer market, it is likely to be used as a PC or flat panel display. After all, it is unlikely that there will be 20-inch TVs now.

Due to the unique ultra-fast response speed of the OLED panel and the high refresh rate, it can provide a clear and smooth picture, so LG’s previously launched 42-inch OLED TV is widely welcomed by gamers. However, 42 inches is relatively cool for playing 3A masterpieces, but it is too large for playing e-sports games and daily use, so everyone still hopes that LG can launch a smaller OLED panel to be closer to use as a display.
It’s just that the current mainstream size of PC monitors is 27 inches, even if FPS players insist on 24 and 25 inches, LG’s 20-inch OLED panel doesn’t quite meet these requirements, so it’s likely to be used on some portable screens, or even game books. Of course, this may also be LG’s first step towards PC displays, and we are still very hopeful to see 24- and 27-inch OLED displays appear in the next year.