LG may launch transparent OLED TV in 2024

During this year’s K-Display 2022 event in Seoul, South Korea, LG showcased a new generation of 42/48/97-inch OLED EX panels, as well as new transparent OLED panels. The latter is mainly aimed at business customers, and LG has also highlighted its “OLED-T” panels as a replacement for glass windows in storefronts and meeting rooms.
According to The Elec, LG may launch a transparent OLED TV as early as 2024. Sources said that the company had revealed the idea earlier, but would not choose to launch it in 2023, speculating that it may be related to the decline in demand for consumer electronics such as TVs due to the global economic downturn.

It is understood that LG Display proposed a 55-inch transparent OLED TV plan to LG Electronics’ TV department this year. If LG wants to release this new product in 2023, it will enter the development stage sometime in the second half of this year, and obviously, LG has not done so. The retail version of the transparent OLED TV requires LG Electronics to further improve the product, such as selecting a suitable tempered glass to cover the transparent OLED panel, and also needs to consider the design of the appearance.

Even if LG releases this OLED TV, it won’t be the first of its kind on the market. Because Xiaomi launched a 55-inch transparent OLED TV as early as 2020, using panels purchased from LG Display, the sales of this product are completely negligible.